We have been researching and reading a lot to gather the recruiting trends that will mark this year that is just beginning. The year 2018 is loaded with news for the world of recruitment and Human Resources. Novel patterns and other concepts that you already know but that will be consolidated with force to become essential. He also points out that the time has come to focus on the most critical part of being a recruiter: the human and strategic role.

These trends will allow you to focus and invest more time in your day to day and discover the talent of the people, know if that candidate is appropriate or not, connect with your potential candidates creating lasting relationships and finally, hire the best for your company. As you can already imagine, technology plays an important role



1. Working The Employer Brand As A Competitive Advantage To Attract Talent Becomes Essential
According to Glassdoor’s annual statistical study, 88% of Human Resources Directors and selection technicians agree that an informed candidate is a quality candidate. This 2018, your company must be a showcase open to talent. You must give your potential candidates all the information they may need to be interested in your positions and identify with your company.

To achieve this, communicating your purpose, your values and making your employees and growth plans known to your company is key to your Employer Branding strategy.

2. The data will take center stage in the decisions and recruitment strategy of the companies

Dedicating to Human Resources, as the title says, means dealing with people, but now it also means dealing with numbers. Do not be scared; I’m not talking about double integrals. More and more teams of recruiters base their decisions on reliable data of their selection processes, and this figure will not stop growing.

The novel thing is the amount of data that the recruiters have at their disposal to hit the spot in their recruitment. Data of the whole selection process by phases, conversion data of your job offers, attraction and adequacy data, etc. Also, all this information will also contribute to the technology; allowing its analysis to identify patterns and behaviors that help to the Artificial Intelligence of the tools. That is, the devices will make intelligent decisions for you.

In short, the data is the key that helps you optimize and direct your selection processes. If you do not measure the results you’re getting, how will you know what works and what does not? Doing so will lead you to hire the best and, therefore, to be a successful company. The data can even help you choose the location of your new office to be closer to the candidates you are looking for.

3. Eye! Companies will prepare for the new General Data Protection Regulation

Human Resources

Yes, we have been insisting on the subject for some time, but it is essential. Undoubtedly, one of the significant trends for Human Resources will be to adapt to the new General Regulation of Data Protection (RGPD).

Digital Transformation

The RGPD comes into force next May, and with it, many companies that had not yet started the Digital Transformation will adopt technology in their selection processes and recruitment strategy to comply with the new regulation.


Last September there were more than 4.8 million files registered to comply with the RGPD. Your Talent Base with all your candidates must also comply with the new regulations, beware that the train does not catch you!

4. The diversity and feeling of belonging in your company will be vital

Even in companies with more variety, talent can decide to change the company if they do not feel included and accepted. Paying attention to your staff and each employee, in particular, will not only benefit the culture of your company but at the same time attract similar candidates and improve the performance of your company.
This year we will see many campaigns to promote diversity in many IT Recruiting Firms to attract talent to its staff of employees. But these campaigns will not make sense if companies do not strive to improve diversity in their culture.
Remember that, as we have spoken in the first point, you will be able and will communicate all your effort in promoting diversity in your company to attract the right talent. For example, on your Employment and Social Networks page. Only 52% of companies do it if you are not one of them, what are you waiting for?

5.The demand for IT professionals in all sectors will grow

Developers and IT are no longer only required in technology companies like Google or Microsoft, or cities like San Francisco. Now that all industries are joining the Digital Transformation both for the organization of the company and for the consumer, these types of profiles are fundamental.

All sectors need technological solutions to carry out better internal management and adapt to the new lifestyle of their customers. From the retail industry to the financial industry. Result? Greater competition among companies to attract and hire these profiles.

If you want to attract technical talent to your ranks this 2018, you will have to put your batteries in your Employer Branding strategy. If you do not know where to begin, Christian Courcelles, Search Recruitment Services’s Back-end Developer, gives you some clues in his article:  The top 9 reasons why IT professionals reject your offers.

6. Artificial Intelligence is gaining presence in the sector

First, what is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence or AI is the ability of a machine to learn and acquire an intelligence similar to the human. Computers can be programmed in such a way that they learn as they receive information and data. With this learning, they will be able to make intelligent decisions for you without you having to do anything.

How can the AI help you in your work as a Human Resources Director or selection technician? In many tasks such as: search and select candidates, loyalty to talent and offer the right content at the right time, interview candidates …
Very important! Artificial Intelligence will not substitute you in any way, but it will help you to do your job even better. It will help you analyze the data and information that you collect from your selection processes much faster than you could do alone. Also, automate the most basic tasks for you so that you can focus on your recruitment strategy and build a relationship with your candidates. Something that a machine can not do.

7. Traditional job interviews will be reframed to improve the candidate and recruiter experience

Regular meetings are not going anywhere, but there is a great job to educate them so that they show the real potential of the candidate you have before you.

There are many types of interviews: by telephone, in person, in groups, with structured questions, etc., but traditional meetings have been the standard for decades. The best: they are still effective according to the study LinkedIn has done. But beware! Several aspects are trending and will improve the interviews this 2018.

Looking at this data, we realize that video interviews are replacing telephone interviews or supplemented with soft skills assessment tests. We also see that some companies are already using virtual interviews as a counterpart to face-to-face conversations, complementing informal meetings with the candidate.

And you, what are you doing to innovate in your interviews with candidates? What will you do to improve the talent experience in your selection processes? We recommend you if you are not doing it already, to make informal visits to the office and even invite your finalists to a café to talk in a more relaxed way and meet the person in front of you beyond the requirements for the position.

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