How people live, and work has changed definitely: space and working hours are no longer so secure, what keeps them motivated is no longer the salary; they are the purpose and a great team. But many companies continue to approach talent as if they had been stopped in time: in the same way, they did years ago.

When we saw this, we made the Inbound Recruiting Methodology and developed the Search Recruitment Services platform to carry it out.

Search Recruitment Services proposes a different way of recruiting, focused on the candidate. Because successful recruitment is not what comes down to publishing offers on portals and expecting many candidates to sign up. The hiring of success is one that focuses on generating relationships between the brand and the candidate, getting them to feel attracted to the company.

Our mission is to help companies grow with the best talent . We want to help them change the way they attract, love, and hire their candidates. We want the world of Human Resources merely to be more … Inbound. A more humane and empathetic way of relating to potential candidates. Read more at